Season 5, Episode 13: The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Episode 6 (Or, The One Where Matthew Doesn't Edit Out The Cat Meows)


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In this final episode covering The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, our intrepid podcasters once again find themselves disagreeing about the show. Is the last episode good enough to redeem an otherwise meh TV experience, or is it just a mediocre ending to a mediocre production? Do any care of us care enough for a second season or a movie follow-up at this point, or are we all kind of burned out on this thread? And, ok, seriously guys where the flip was Mephisto and Reed Richards? This is getting really confusing...

Also, what are Matthew and Matt going to spend 15 minutes about arguing this time? Is it something they've repeatedly argued about in other episodes? Probably, but you'll only be able to find out by tuning in to the latest episode!

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