93# Bobby Lyte on Concussion, Anxiety, Depression and Living In The Matrix


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Bobby is BACK! In this episode for the 2nd time I am talking to DJ, Coder, and most notoriously the Creator & Producer of the Flow State Podcast, Bobby Lyte. ~ Bobby has been a fantastic guest and someone I always enjoy having on the show. Last time we went deep into learning about flow state and how we can utilise this state of mind to become high performers. ~ However more recently Bobby has been working hard on overcoming a huge challenge he had this year after suffering concussion. ~ Bobby is keen to spread the word and get the right information out into the world on how best to deal with concussion. To do this he recommends people start by watching the free webinar below ⬇️ ~ =[SHOW NOTES]= ••• Flow State podcast: https://open.spotify.com/show/4IssY4XjHXdpTNOzpaeyxh?si=6fe5a00484a741c6 •••• Flow State Patreon: https://ourflowstate.com/ •••• Concussion Fix Free Webinar: https://webinar.concussiondoc.io/s/m64mh3 •••• Concussion Fix Link with 10% Discount: https://concussiondoc.io/offer/the-concussion-fix/?coupon=affiliatediscount&ref=58

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