Episode 131 – Sharia-Compliant Lending with Qardus


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In this episode, we interview Hassan Daher from Qardus.

Qardus is a sharia-compliant lender to small and medium-sized enterprises to help with their cashflow needs.

They provide short-term halal business loans, or halal business investments.

As an investor, you provide the capital to lend to the business, and get paid as the business pays that money back.

The kinds of businesses Qardus go for are well-established, strong-revenue companies, typically in stable markets such as the medical or pharmaceutical industry. There is an emphasis on the people behind the businesses as well, so they focus on high net worth owners to minimise risk. For a company to be accepted on Qardus, it must have at least 3 years of good performance, being profitable in at least 2 of those 3 years. It is thus not an ideal platform for new and speculative projects.

We enjoyed talking to Hassan about the nitty-gritty of Islamic finance and how Qardus can be a diversification piece in any investor’s portfolio.

Check out Jean’s full review of Qardus over on his blog if you want to read more about this platform.

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