Episode 114 – Investing in Startups through the Republic.co Platform


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In this episode, Jean interviews Matthew Melbourne from Republic.co, a platform where investors from all around the world can invest in US startups.

Deal flow has been hard to come by for small investors in the US or investors outside the US with no contacts or physical presence in hotbeds for startups like San Francisco. Republic’s mission is to change all that and make investing easy and open to everyone, whichever net worth they have. This means that you don’t need to be an accredited investor to invest in startups on this platform.

Matthew walks us through the process of investing (as an investor) and raising funds (as a startup). We also talk about success stories (including a company that was acquired by Marcus Lemonis from The Profit) and plans for future expansion.

We also talk about crypto investments and the Crowd SAFE instrument for crowdfunding in startups.


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