Episode 120 – Chris Grech on Maltese Tax Structures and Investing


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In today’s episode, I sit down for a chat with Chris Grech, one of my classmates from high school who has gone on to attain success as a CPA working with international clients and based out of Malta.

We touch on various topics, including:

  • Malta’s advantageous corporate tax system
  • Whether Malta really is a “blockchain island”
  • Investing in COVID-19 times and beyond
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Real estate investing
  • Diversification

I enjoyed catching up with Chris and having some of my ideas challenged; this is an exercise that is extremely important to sharpen your thoughts as an investor.

As in many other areas of life, there isn’t necessarily either a good or bad to do things, it all depends on your circumstances and future plans. While I might have an investing strategy that is diametrically opposed to someone else’s, we can both achieve our goals simply because the goals themselves are very different.

And that is why I predicate caution in blindly copying what other investors are doing. My most important conversations are those that I have with my own family and my accountant as well as a close circle of investor friends where we discuss our goals and possible outcomes in order to eventually pick the strategy which has the highest probability of being successful in our scenarios.

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You can contact Chris via email on chris[dot]grech[at]white[dot]mt


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