Episode 123 – Automated Crypto Trading with Coinrule


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Today’s guests are Oleg Giberstein and Gabriele Musella, the co-founders of Coinrule.io, a platform that empowers crypto traders to compete with professional algorithmic traders and hedge funds with no coding skills required.

I find the entire field of crypto assets incredibly fascinating as it really is one deep rabbit hole. One of the aspects that has captured the imagination of millions worldwide is crypto trading. We’ve all seen stories of young people who found incredible riches through trading cryptocurrencies, although there undoubtedly are many (less publicized) failures too.

Trading can be a brutal job though, requiring long hours of looking at screens and usually inflicting a significant emotional toll. I was looking into how things can be simplified and structured when I came across Coinrule.

In today’s world, more than half of cryptocurrency trading volume is driven by complex trading bots. Yet, 75% of all hobbyist traders cannot write a single line of code. Coinrule empowers regular traders to compete with professional algorithmic traders and Hedge funds: a smart assistant to build automated rules for crypto exchanges without having to code.

Coinrule have just closed their second round of funding, and they are conducting all the legal aspects of the funding through Seedlegals, which is another interesting project to look into if you’re interested in startup investing.

In this episode, we explore how beginners can start trading with the help of Coinrule. Some topics discussed:

  • The different types of traders
  • A few popular trading strategies
  • How to manage risk while trading
  • Connecting exchanges
  • Complementary tools for traders

Coinrule is still a relatively new project, but the team has great plans for the future, including AI assistance while trading and several interesting integrations with DeFi projects.

For example, you might be able to create a strategy whereby your crypto would be used for staking when the crypto asset you’re trading is in a sideways period, and then switch back to trading when the price action picks up. With the growth of DeFi and AI there will be infinite possibilities for such services to help traders create ever more interesting strategies.

I finished off the episode asking Oleg and Gabriele what Fintech projects and areas they are most excited about, given that they are based in London, which is a hotbed for financial innovation in Europe.


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