Breaking!!! Trump’s “Big Lie” is the Grift that Keeps On Grifting + A Conversation With WSJ White House Reporter Michael Bender


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Michael breaks down the Washington Post’s latest revelations on Trump fundraising practices; detailing how the former president has “raised” over $75 million since January off the back of his Big Lie; promising contributors that their donations would be used to fund the ridiculous Arizona recount and other dubious election fraud endeavors. The problem is, Trump has kept all the money for himself; funneling it into his Save America PAC where he can do what he wants with the money. Experts believe Trump is living off the proceeds of his latest grift and needs to continue preaching his Big Lie to stay financially afloat. Later, Michael Bender, author of “Frankly, We Did Win This Election,” joins Mea Culpa to discuss his remarkable book and some of its more shocking revelations.

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