The Case of the Costco of Diamonds w/ Sequoia Simone & Kim Harris


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Kim Harris, playing for The Organization for Transformative Works, and Sequoia Simone, playing for The Trevor Project, further stoke their competitive friendship flames by battling it out over some Encyclopedia Brown mysteries! And true to form, they create new lore for everyone's favorite fictional town, Idaville, FL!

Cases: The Case of the Fifth Word, The Case of the Rented Canoe, The Case of the Three Vans, The Case of the Missing Shopping Bag

Clues & Evidence: Creating chaos, History of Mysteries, thinkin’ pants, Salt Lake Smelly, Mayor Capt. Pete, Victor Oladipo, Power Rangers, Badd by Ying Yang Twins ft. Mike Jones, skirt fashion shows, vague business, chess bullies

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