1-Medical Science Liaison--a Career Choice for Medical Communicators?


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Today we are going to talk about the medical science liaison role, specifically from the perspective of medical writing—how can medical writers explore MSL work as a career option.

Our guest is Dr. Jennifer Williams. Jennifer holds a law degree from Western Michigan University Law School. She also brings twenty-five years of experience working within the healthcare industry. She has been both a Medical Science Liaison (MSL) and has implemented an MSL program. Dr. Williams serves on the Advisory Committee for the MSL Society and currently she represents Nascent Medical as our MSL Advisor.


1:30: Understanding what knowledge is needed for MSLs (hint: regulatory and business). Also needed, scientific acumen, verbal and written communication skills.

3.20: How does MSL work differ from that of being a salesperson?

4.08: Metric, access time, used for measuring MSL interaction with KOLs

4.53: What does an MSL do?

5.30: Different types of MSLs: outcomes MSL; pharma MSL; medical device MSLs; publication MSL; multifunction MSLs

9.00: How are MSLs perceived by clinicians?

11.07: What steps should medical writers do to get a job with a company as an MSL?

12.41: Occupational outlook of MSLs (it’s good)

13.25: One crucial action needed for MSL interview success

15:02: MSL society – benefits of membership

16:40: Communication skills in MSLs

17:35: How do I approach people who would hire an MSL?

18:29: difference between MSL role and clinical manager role

18:55: What do MSLs get paid?

19:42: A question she often gets: Why are sales people sometimes not allowed to go on KOL visits with MSLs?

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