Tips for Pleasing Your Client as a New Freelancer


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In this episode, I cover tips for interacting with clients as a new freelance medical writer or any kind of freelancer for that matter.

Get the skills and feedback to make sure there is a reasonable chance that you will do a good job.

Really try to make new projects your best work. Expect to get a lower hourly rate for this first project. If you are writing in a specific genre, such as a needs assessment, review the client’s guidelines extra carefully and Google “how to write …..” and follow along with the generally accepted best practice.

Don’t turn things in with spelling errors.

Know that your client is not here to be “remedial.”

When you take on a new project, look at the files immediately.

It’s better to turn in something a day late than something that is not high quality.

Know that just because it is a “first draft,” it still should be in great shape.

Most clients should be coming back to you for repeat business. If not, find out why not. It’s usually the quality of your work. Client is not obligated to tell you.

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