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A “meet cute” is a charming trope in a romantic comedy. The original boy-meets-girl, where the destined-to-be couple meets in a sweet and awkward way, and then they fall in love, get married, have 10 babies and a house. UF student and all-around weirdo Ansley Pentz doesn't believe meet cutes exist. Not in the Real World. Real Life is messy and uncomfortable, and first encounters are more silly than suave. This is all complicated by the screens that populate our lives: We have pings from text messages, notifications from Tinder and a follow request from that kinda cute guy. As millennials, navigating these screens can prove an interesting challenge. But when the screens go dim and our phone batteries dwindle, what we really crave is human relationships. We want and need real connections. That’s why each week, Ansley's talking with people she finds through screens, and she's inviting you to listen in on the weird, funny and ultimately (hopefully?) endearing meet cutes she creates along the way. Life is weird. Let's dive into it and make it weirder. | Music from Jukedeck - create your own at

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