2009 Winter Edition Podcast Exclusive!


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9:50 PMImmortalAt the Heart of WinterAt the Heart of Winter
9:56 PMLuca TurilliLord of the Winter SnowKing of the Nordic Twilight
10:02 PMAbigorCold Void ChoirFractal Possession
10:10 PMWintersunBeyond the Dark SunWintersun
10:14 PMKamelotOn the Coldest Winters NightEpica
10:17 PMFall of the LeafeWithin the Everfrozen WinternightEvanescent, Everfading
10:24 PMNortherFrozen AngelNo Way Back
10:29 PMAmorphisBlack Winter DayTales from the Thousand Lakes
10:33 PMDemons & WizardsWinter of SoulsDemons & Wizards
10:40 PMAt the GatesColdSlaughter of the Soul
10:41 PMSymphony XA Winters Dream (Ascension Part 2)The Damnation Game
10:45 PMCatameniaIced OverWinternight Tragedies
10:51 PMInto EternityTimeless WinterThe Scattering of Ashes
10:55 PMIron MaidenFear of the DarkBest of the Beast
11:01 PMDissectionFrozenThe Rebirth of Dissection

Also a bonus this week: outtakes!
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