Exams (Stress) & Thanksgiving (Genocide)... No Thanks


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4:04 PMIron MaidenPurgatoryKillers
4:09 PMEdge of SanityTwilightPurgatory Afterglow
4:12 PMPain of SalvationStressEntropia
4:16 PMScar SymmetryDeviate From the FormPitch Black Progress
4:30 PMTexturesMillstoneDrawing Circles
4:31 PMTwilightningAt the ForgeDelirium Veil
4:33 PMIced EarthStand AloneSomething Wicked This Way Comes
4:35 PMPersefoneTrain of ConsequencesCorerotation
4:37 PMSteve VaiDown Deep Into The PainSex & Religion
4:46 PMIron MaidenRun To the HillsA Real Dead Onerequest
4:53 PMAmon AmarthFree Will SacrificeTwilight of the Thunder God
4:56 PMDream EvilInto The MoonlightThe Book of Heavy Metal
4:56 PMNevermoreDead Heart in a Dead WorldDead Heart in a Dead World
5:09 PMDimmu BorgirCataclysm ChildrenDeath Cult Armageddon
5:17 PMPagan's MindAegean ShoresCelestial Entrance
5:20 PMDream EvilTiredThe Book of Heavy Metal
5:24 PMAmoralNervasionReptile Ride
5:28 PMBlind GuardianCarry The Blessed HomeA Twist in the Myth

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