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4:13 PMKing DiamondSpare this LifeAbigail II - The Revenge
4:13 PMKing DiamondHalloweenDeadly Lullabyes Live
4:14 PMHalloweenHelloweenKeeper of the Seven Keys - The Legacy
4:31 PMOpethThe Grand ConjurationGhost Reveries
4:38 PMPagan's MindAt The Graves (King Diamond)Infinity Divinerotation
4:55 PMHelloweenLocomotive Breath (Jethro Tull)Metal Jukeboxrequest
4:56 PMIced EarthDamienHorror Showrequest
5:05 PMTestamentLegions of the DeadThe Gathering
5:09 PMDiablo String QuartetBallrog BoogieThe Butcher's Ballroom
5:10 PMFantomasSpider BabyThe Director's Cut
5:17 PMIced EarthJackHorror Show
5:17 PMSteve HackettA Dark Night In ToytownWild Orchids
5:22 PMMeshuggahThe Exquisite Machinery of TortureChaosphere
5:25 PMDimmu BorgirHybrid Stigmata - The ApostasyPuritanical Euphoric Misanthropia
5:33 PMAyreonBack 2 MeCome Back to Me EProtation request
5:36 PMDemons & WizardsThe Fiddler on the GreenDemons & Wizards

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