Melting Point Radio: 10/6/08


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Second show of the fall 2008 season of Melting Point Radio on WRMC, 91.1FM Middlebury, VT
9:07 PMEquilibriumBlut im AugeSagasnew
9:10 PMNachtmystiumGhosts of GraceAssassins: Black Meddle Part Inew
9:21 PMDark TranquillityZodjiackal LightThe Mind's I
9:21 PMIn FlamesThe Inborn LifelessLunar Straight/Subterranean
9:22 PMAtheistAnd the Psychic SawUnquestionable Presence
9:25 PMAt the GatesColdSlaughter of the Soul
9:29 PMVan CantoFear of the DarkHeronew
9:38 PMCynicIntegral BirthTraced in Airnew
9:41 PMDirewolf1,000,000 Enemies Mercury's DisasterBeyond the Lands of Human Existencenew
9:45 PMChildren of BodomHellionFollow the Reaperrequest
9:55 PMZimmers Hole1312While You Were Shouting at the Devil... I Was in
9:59 PMHaggardChapter I - Tales of IthiriaTales of Ithirianew rotation
10:13 PMIn FlamesMoonshieldThe Jester Race
10:14 PMNight in GalesTowards a Twilight KissTowards the Twilight
10:15 PMOmnium GatherumSong for DecemberThe Redshiftnew
10:16 PMChildren of Bodom'Lil Blood-Red Riding HoodHatecrew Deathroll
10:17 PMRaintimeRolling ChancesFlies & Lies
10:18 PMW.A.S.P.HellionW.A.S.P.request
10:27 PMIron MaidenRime of the Ancient MarinerPowerslave
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