Melting Point Radio 7/15/09 Al Green, and the voyage of a SUN


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In honor of the lovely summer sun we bring you a SUN themed show (can you tell I just got back from the beach?). Also, first show with a (non-Ayreon, non-cover) non-metal song!

Playlist for Melting Point Radio: Wednesday, Jul 15th, 2009

DJ: Yuletide

10:26 PMal greenaint no sunshinegreatest hits
10:27 PMarkwaking hourburn the sun
10:31 PMcydonianblack sunestranged
10:37 PMdalis dillemmaandromeda sunrisemanifesto for futurism
10:39 PMiron maidenthe flight of icarusthe trooper
10:42 PMdetonationsecond sun ascendingemission phase
10:44 PMsunrise in edenedenbridgethe grand design
10:52 PMdevon townsendsunshine & happinesssynchestra
10:55 PMnightwishsleeping sunhighest hopes
10:59 PMkrisiunmassacre under the sunsouthern storm
11:03 PMmoonlight comedysolar eclipsedorothy
11:11 PMdark tranquillityindifferent sunsexposures in retrospect and denial
11:14 PMsamaelsolar soulsolar soul
11:18 PMstratovariuswill the sun riseepisode
11:23 PMconceptionthe last sunsetthe last sunset
11:28 PMnightragethe glow of the setting sunsweet vengeance
11:31 PMangramillenium sunrebirth
11:37 PMdionysuscloser to the sunanima mundi
11:40 PMintronautsundialprehistoricisms
11:47 PMimmortalsolarfallat the heart of winter
11:54 PMpink floydset the controls for the heart of the suna saucerful of secrets

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