Being Versus Doing with Eric Rogell - Episode 227


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Let’s discover why being the man you need to be is better than merely doing what needs to be done. In this episode, Eric Rogell joins host Ian Lobas to bring us back into the perspective that matters most, the view from our hearts.

As a men’s lifestyle journalist Eric traveled around the world writing about gear, gadgets, style, food, drink, cars, and adventure travel for many major publications.

He has hiked the Ma′unga Terevaka volcano on Easter Island, driven race cars on some of the most noted tracks in the country, and threw back shots of Jagermeister suspended 150-feet above the crowd at the Wacken Open Air heavy metal festival in Germany.

For over a decade, Eric has interviewed hundreds of men—from celebrities, to athletes, to entrepreneurs, to military vets—getting them to dive deep into their stories of what made them the men they are today.

By joining Eric, you embark on a mission to tap back into your inner Wild Man by reconnecting with nature on unforgettable adventure experiences. While getting the strategies you need to perform at your highest level, step into greatness as leaders, and forge deeper connections as husbands and fathers.

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In this episode you will learn about

5:05 - Being Raised in Fear and Anxiety

11:10 - What Does it Mean to Be a Man?

15:29 - How Many Men See Themselves Differently than Others See Them?

32:17 - The Seven Sacred Core Values

53:09 - The Four Questions

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