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Has anything happened in your life that rocked you to the core and dramatically changed how you view everything? In this episode, Alan Lazaros joins host Ian Lobas to present his outlook on life and the choices that impact every single thing around it.

After being involved in a nearly fatal car accident, Alan questioned everything. His father passed away in a car accident at age 28 when he was only 2. This really shook him up... He asked himself, “Did I live a life true to myself? How courageously did I fight for what I believe in? How fiercely did I love?” Not liking his answers, he decided to change forever. Today, Alan’s a professional speaker, business coach and consultant, and the host of The Next Level University Podcast.

Between speaking, podcasting, coaching and consulting, Alan's invested thousands of hours inspiring, motivating and educating others on how to become more successful on their own terms. Alan believes life's about choices. He grew up hearing stories about his father, and he can tell you from experience that how you die isn’t going to matter. What matters is how you choose to live.

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In this episode you will learn about

5:16 - How Your Life Can Change

20:02 - Why Going Big is Good For You

33:00 - Finding a Framework that Changes the Game

40:00 - Rock Bottom Doesn’t Have to Be the Reason for Change

Notable quotes:

6:25 - “If you’re a CEO and you aim high, you can wake up one day and decide to be a farmer, but you can’t necessarily flip the switch the other way around” - Alan Lazaros

6:54 - “What choices you make today, are going to make your tomorrow”. - Alan Lazaros

13:54 - “You cannot see the stars during the day. They’re always there, but sometimes it takes the darkness to see clearly what you simply could not within the light”. - Alan Lazaros

24:51 - “In every moment, you have a choice”. - Ian Lobas

32:52 - “Take the great, evolve the rest”. - Ian Lobas

46:33 - “You do not have to hit rock bottom in order to improve, you just have to be proactive”.

51:59 - “Make the choices to advance yourself, 1% every day”. - Ian Lobas

55:54 - “Life is about choices, the choice of what to say and not to say.” - Alan Lazaros

Book Mentioned:

The Top 5 Regrets of the Dying by Bronnie Ware

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