26 - Does Nature Heal?


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Back in 2011, Jennifer Pharr Davis set the record for fastest thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail for both men and women. Afterward, she backpacked over 14,000 miles on 6 different continents, wrote 8 books, and started Blue Ridge Hiking Company in Asheville, NC. Needless to say, she knows the trail well and is a leader in the outdoor industry.

After all this hiking, she’s come to know herself in a unique way. Those days and nights spent outside taught her that it’s not about distance covered, but about self-awareness, mindfulness, connection, healing, positive body image and persevering joy.

We also speak with Sommerville Johnston, a licensed therapist and wilderness guide, to figure out what role nature has in mental health and recovery from life's busy-ness.

To learn more about Jennifer and Sommerville, visit our website www.mentalnotepodcast.com

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