43 - Coming Out and Finding Recovery


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Have you ever felt the need to hide your true self? Shame, fear, and self-hatred are powerful forces, and breaking free from them is worthy of the grandest party you can imagine.

In celebration of pride month and the joy of self-expression, we’re sitting down with choreographer and recovery advocate Ryan Walker Page to share his story of coming out, shedding shame, and finding recovery.

Along the way, Ryan invites us to reconsider the parts of ourselves we are the most ashamed to reveal. In fact, he counts those "imperfections" as the precious source of wisdom that catapulted his successful career into working with people like Lil Nas X, Renee Zellweger, Samuel L Jackson, and many many more. In Ryan’s world, coming out isn’t just a singular event, but a beautiful lifelong unfolding.

Sponsor: Mental Note Podcast is a creation of Eating Recovery Center and Pathlight mood and Anxiety Center.

Resources: Website: https://www.ryanwalkerpage.com/

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