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How do you support a friend who's sad? What do you do when someone is going through a hard time? That's not really something we humans learn in school, but it's obviously really important. And at some point, we'll all go through a sad time in our lives.
My guest this week just released about exactly this subject - and it's a book that will only take you a few minutes to read!
Tracy Subisak, is an author, illustrator, and yoga instructor. Her new book, the first one she’s both written and illustrated, is called Jenny Mei Is Sad. It tells the story of a young girl, Jenny Mei, who, yeah, is sad. But the book is told from the friend’s perspective, and shows what the friend does to support her through her sad times. Spoiler alert: all the friend does is hangout with her, do fun things when she wants to, allow her to be sad or frustrated when she feels that way. It’s a beautiful, simple message that I think we can all relate to. Unless you’ve never been sad, or known anyone who’s sad, and if that’s the case… are you human??

So I loved talking to Tracy about how to start emotional conversations, how her friends helped her through a really sad time in her life, and how to breathe and move through the grief and stress that can manifest in our bodies.

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