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An organisation that practices diversity and inclusion has not just checked a box but set itself up to flourish. This is because a team defined by different voices and an atmosphere of safety does not just have happy members but has a far better chance of being truly innovative. Joseph Ghaly shares what he has learned about D&I during his professional experience that has spanned five continents. During his career, Joe has worked as State Relationship Manager of CSIRO, and Incumbent Director of Mobile Internet with Ericsson Telecommunications during the .com era. He also started the professional network, Brilliant Women Global. Joe covers the state of D&I as he has witnessed it in his experience in the tech sector across the globe. We talk about the need to break the traditional gender roles and what people can do in the workplace to take steps toward this aim. Joe talks about what led him to start his organisation, how D&I is approached at Brilliant Women Global, and all the amazing women who have joined the group. Our conversation also covers the impact of COVID on D&I in Australia and what the future holds!

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