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Not only is Fujitsu paving the way of the future through the technological services and equipment it provides, but also through its commitment to diversity and inclusion, environmental sustainability, and social impacts. These three spheres intersect in the space that Fujitsu has called the Office of Purpose, and today’s guest, Nicole Forrester, sits at its helm. Nicole’s 30-year career has consisted of many different roles in many different organisations, but the connecting thread through all of them has been her drive to bring together principles from Western science and traditional knowledge to create meaningful change across multiple domains. In today’s episode you’ll gain an understanding of why an Office of Purpose is so important in a corporate setting, hear examples of how Fujitsu is putting its principles into action, and how Nicole plans to expand on these in the future. Nicole also shares some valuable advice around decision making, finding balance, being brave, and embracing every kind of mentor who comes your way!

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