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How can your SME build a successful work culture? Tune in and listen to Ross Reekie as he highlights how happiness and work can co-exist for the best outcome in your work environment.

What you will learn from this episode:

  • Actionable tips of ways that people can make work meaningful
  • How to improve engagement when it feels like you’re working at a job you don’t like
  • The change of values across generations in the workplace
  • The impacts of Ross’ coaching programs
  • How your SME can establish a great work culture
  • How Rise Consulting’s small investment in research companies led to streams of publicity
  • The multiple benefits of networking events

Notable Quotes:

  • I think a really important distinction to make is between happiness and meaning
  • Your day-to-day does need to involve some pleasure and some happiness, but the focus needs to be on the long-term satisfaction.
  • To feel a sense of belonging in a culture, that culture needs to belong to you
  • If you are feeling that work and happiness are a juxtaposition and can't live together please know that it is possible… If you take steps towards what you love doing, it really is possible to get there

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What business would you build on Mars?

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