Episode 4: How to get your first 100 customers with Ben Wong from Academy Xi


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What you will learn

  • How to get your first 100 customers
  • How to learn marketing in 2019
  • How to work in a role that you’re passionate about
  • How putting yourself in uncomfortable situations can lead to big success
  • Why listening to your customers, understanding their problems and solving them with a level of authenticity has led Academy Xi to rapid growth
  • How Ben learns new skills
  • What the future of learning looks like

Resources mentioned in this episode

Academy Xi

General Assembly

Intercom live chat

Book recommendations

The Code of the Extraordinary Mind by Vishen Lakhiani

Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh

Sapiens book by Yuval Noah Harari

What business you would build on Mars?

This is an exciting thing. I mean Elon Musk is my hero. So I think if I was there, if education was something that would be needed, I would probably start education, because it's something that I believe in. I'll probably focus less on the skills that we're teaching today only because they'd probably be less applicable and more about the soft skills and look at how we could align I guess different interests of Martians and human and how are we going to educate each other and how we are going to live and what skillset we really need to build on Mars? I'm sure they would be incredibly intelligent, so I would look at how, what sort of skills they have and how we can integrate our learnings together and build something really exciting.

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