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Prav De Silva, founder and chief growth officer at The Thoughtful Agency said it best - “email marketing is dead for people that aren’t using it correctly.”

After ten years of experience working for large brands and icons like Glue Store, Tiger Mist, Sydney’s Bondi Icebergs, and Tim Cahill and Cahill+, Prav takes a different approach to convert his engagement into sales. His work with his team at The Thoughtful Agency specialize in a range of strategies, from digital and e-commerce to CRM marketing. Learn some of his and The Thoughtful Agency’s practices in this episode.

What you will learn from this episode:

  • What to brainstorm before initiating an e-commerce strategy
  • Applying an influencer-marketing strategy
  • Optimizing your email marketing with customer segmentation
  • How to reactivate an inactive customer
  • Identifying the email automation workflow
  • The psychology behind email competitions
  • The effects applying dynamic retargeting on your sales

Notable quotes:

  • “Email marketing is dead for people that aren’t using it correctly”
  • “One of the most successful executions we've done is a unique experience. So it could be a trip to Palm Springs. It could be a trip to Bali.”..
  • “Australians love to travel, right? So you put up a trip in front of them, sponsored by the brand. And you're able to generate, you know, close to seven, 10,000 new database subscribers”
  • “Treat influencers like media”

Resources mentioned:

Book recommendations:

What business would you build on Mars?

Business is one of these things that you need to be there and be on the ground to figure out what the actual business is and what you are going to call it. But let's just say the stepping stone to that before we'd get there is probably to contact Elon Musk and ask him if we could give away a Tesla or something that we could use on Mars, similar to a Tesla.

Love the brand that Tesla created obviously. It has great prestige. Use that as a magnet to get people to enter a unique experience. So be driven around in Tesla, around Mars and all the people that enter - we're going to get their database and data. So every single product that’s sold once people arrive you know, you're going to be the commercial point there towards launching a lot of conversations.

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