Get the most return on investment from Facebook Ads with Manu Verma, Nuver Digital


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After being a digital marketing and ecommerce specialist over the last decade, Manu founded Nuver Digital in 2016 to help small local businesses and online e-commerce shops get customers immediately.

Nuver Digital’s unique position in the market is that they focus more on direct marketing to your target customer instead of general branding.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • Leveraging the power of Facebook Ads
  • How much your business should spend on ads a day
  • The process behind optimising your Facebook Ads
  • Re-marketing to your target market and using Facebook Pixel
  • Tools for managing multiple clients at a time

Notable quotes:

  • “Zuckerberg’s up there spending billions on getting this right. I think the best thing is to trust that algorithm. Let Facebook optimise for every placement it has available.”
  • “Start off with three different types (of ads), see which one hits off with the audience, then take that type and expand on it”
  • “Getting people to purchase something when they haven’t even seen it physically is something i’m looking forward to becoming an expert at”
  • “The platform works, it’s just whether or not the platform works for you”

Resources mentioned:

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