Leveraging powerful storytelling by using podcasts and how to get started with Daren Lake from Pod Paste


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What's the best way to initiate story-telling for your brand? Podcasts can be a strong and engaging medium for your business to communicate and entertain your target markets. Listen in as Daren Lake delves into his experience as founder of Pod Paste and provides insight on the podcast industry.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • How Daren first got into podcasting
  • The power of story-telling and narratives with your podcast
  • The advantages of starting podcasts
  • The best way to get your business started with podcasts
  • What locations are best to produce high-quality sound
  • Spaces and microphones you can start recording with/in
  • How to make a cost-effective, clean podcast recording
  • How to extract stories out of podcast guests
  • When to jump in to podcast strategy

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What business would you build on Mars?

I want to market with anything audio - in particular, radio podcasting. That’s phase 1. Then transition into music. I would literally duplicate and copy everything the US has done on earth with media… Humans unfortunately will be the same unless we start hacking our biology and our DNA which Elon Musk has a good company called Neurolink - a brain machine interface...

They’re going to have the same needs and wants and desires and the same psychology so audio will be there and first to market. It’s like the wild west. Like the gold rush in San Francisco. That’s your land! No one can take it from you! My virtual land will be the first radio station on Mars. But there’ll be a five minute lag on Mars. There’ll always be downloaded videos. It won’t be real time.

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