Overcome Overwhelm Through Simple Micro-Actions with Chris [48]


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Being overwhelmed doesn’t just happen to us – we create this feeling with our own thoughts. This is good news, because it means we can also get out of this state with the power of our thoughts. In today’s coaching session with my guest client, Chris, we dive into practical ways for her to stop feeling overwhelmed by all she wants to do around the house. Our brains are innately wired toward thinking about everything at once when tackling a project or problem, but this isn't always effective! It serves us better to focus on the smallest next step. (3 of 3 episodes with Chris.)

In this episode:

  • Micro-actions and micro-decisions create energy and momentum
  • Enjoying the process not just the outcome
  • The story of my son’s Kindergarten teacher training the kids to build habits before teaching the ABCs

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