Episode 133 - Patrick Bolanos - Trailer King Builders


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Patrick Bolanos’ entrepreneurial journey started four years ago when he lost his job as the CFO of a restaurant group. With no savings to fall back on, Patrick realized he had to make some radical changes in his life. To make ends meet, he worked part-time in a catering company, but his mind was set on becoming an entrepreneur. Listening to motivational videos and podcasts inspired Patrick to take action and, after learning to weld, he set up Trailer King Builders, a company that builds customized food trucks.
As the company grew, Patrick made the decision to invest in his personal growth and enrolled in the Arete Syndicate and Apex Executives coaching programs. Being around people who have achieved considerable success in business has helped to make Patrick more accountable and enabled him to shift from a scarcity to an abundance mindset. Today, Trailer King Builders is thriving, and Patrick has launched his own podcast. He has also set up the Working For A Dream baseball academy in Nicaragua, which helps underprivileged kids to get an opportunity to sign with Major League Baseball teams.

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