Podcast #074 - Hello, Moly!


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Well, now.

We couldn't do a normal episode because Chris and I are jetting off to pummel some bastards at Glesgames. You should come!

So, instead I managed to pull friend, podcaster and esteemed luxomancer Gareth Dutton of Chat Very Good and Making Games Is Fun fame into resurrecting a failed MGIF project for your entertainment.

For those not aware, MGIF is Gary's project where he interviews game developers and photographs them, producing a written article, a podcast, and a photoshoot with each developer. It's cool and you should check it out.

You can hear the full story in the show, but here's the gist: this episode contains the highlights of Gary's short interview with Peter Molyneux and Ryan Singh of 22Cans, recorded not long after that RPS interview. The plan was to revisit the studio and do some more photos and a longer interview, but logistical issues and unanswered e-mails put a stop to it. So Gary took the best bits of what he had, and we listened to it together whilst intermittently offering our stupid fucking opinions as we went.

It was a lot of fun to record, and hopefully you mugs will appreciate having something slightly different to listen to this fortnight.

Normal service will resume prrrrobably in a fortnight, unless me and Chris somehow record something at Glesgames. Which would be funny, but don't hold your breath. Seriously, you'll die.


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