37: POTUS Gets Infected, Texting For Biden, Hollywood's COVID Projects


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The powers of science and karma combined last week to make Andrew think (maybe) there is a God. The toddler in chief has the 'rona, and we're here for some real talk on what this means for the country and our upcoming election.
  • The timeline here is insane: from a Tuesday night debate to a Wednesday night COVID positive announcement.
  • The 11 confirmed cases so far seem to have one gathering in common: The Amy Coney Barrett announcement event in the Rose Garden.
  • Inconsistency and petulance took up residence at Walter Reed military hospital for 3 days, after which Bunker Bitch checked himself out and is feeling better than *GASP* ever.
  • He is knowingly putting his staff, Secret Service detail, and followers in danger by returning to the campaign trail as if he never tested positive.
  • Laura thinks the Trump campaign's approach for the rest of the campaign will be to go full North Korean "dear leader is invincible."
  • How do we think Biden should handle the October 15th debate?
  • Is it okay to feel vindicated by Trump catching the virus he's been downplaying all year? (Yes.)
  • Andrew is texting for the Biden campaign, and wants you to join him! To volunteer to phone bank or text, click here!
  • Is it pedantic for social platforms not to have a way to dismiss the voting reminders?
  • Hollywood's going all in on pandemic themed projects, prompting the question... do we really need pandemic shows while we're still living in a pandemic?
  • We've got some WTF news to help you (and us) unwind from this long ass week.
  • This week's recommendations will have you safe and content for the fall: Overtone + getting your flu shot at Costco for $20 if you're underinsured (Laura), refreshing your space with some new decor before the colder weather sinks in (Andrew), and Sohla El-Waylly's new show Stump Sohla (Pam).
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And in this week's installment of After Dark:
  • Pam introduces us to the idea of toxic positivity, or the tendency to portray oneself as happy no matter what. Take the quiz to see how toxic positivity plays a role in your life.
  • As a culture, do we breed toxic positivity by undervaluing the importance of mental health?
  • Workplaces can be a breeding ground for toxic positivity: how to just say it and avoid giving your colleagues "the shit sandwich."

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