Tales of the Resistance Vol. 2: Persistence - 02 - JAILBREAK! A Passion for Justice!


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July 11, 2021 - Episode 2 JAILBREAK! "Passion... For Justice!" & "Little Jimmy's Election" In "Passion... For Justice!" injustice and romance are in the air when an asian american Antifa activist and a black american activist drag queen are both thrown in a cell for resisting arrest. And when right-wing insurrectionists attack the jail to free their leader political passion becomes a … JAILBREAK! Episode 2 was written by Michael Gene Sullivan. Directed by Velina Brown. Music by Daniel Savio. The band features woodwinds by Dylan Jennings, bass by Jewell McMillon, drums & percussion by David Rokeach, and keyboards by Daniel Savio. Audio engineering & sound design by Taylor Gonzalez. Stage Management by Karen Runk. "Passion... For Justice!" features Francis Jue as Cheng Jūn, Rotimi Agbabiaka as Sanka, with Andre Amarotico as Thor HammerSäck, Lisa Hori-Garcia as Detective/Proud Boy, Cassie Grilley as Proud Boy, and Brian Rivera as Cop. "Little Jimmy's Election" features Michael Gene Sullivan as Principal Johnson, Ellen Callas as Little Jimmy, with Velina Brown as Ms. Larkin. Tales of the Resistance Vol. 2: Persistence is a radio serial by the San Francisco Mime Troupe. You can find more information at https://www.sfmt.org

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