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Are you willing to live a life free from self-doubt, limiting beliefs and fears? Do you think achieving your goals or fulfilling your desires is farfetched? Nabanita Guha, a Certified Master Life Coach from American Union of NLP and a Mindset and Life’s Desire Coach helps you to rewire your mind to live the best version of yourself. Nabanita is inspired by those who made it big from the scratch. People who achieved their aspirations are a few compared to those who remained fettered in self-doubt, limiting belief and fear. MindGym episodes are dedicated to those craving for a real breakthrough from “Can I do it?” mindset to a renewed “I Can!” With close to two decades of corporate experience with MNCs in Human Resources, coupled with her studies in Life and Mindset Coaching, Nabanita speaks in MindGym to set your mind into action every Sunday with a brand-new episode that let you discover your dreams and desires and encourage you to reflect on those for realization. She will share success stories, book reviews, illustrations of quotes and personal experiences that will help you rewire your mind and rejuvenate. If you like these shows, please share comments & recommend them to like-minded people on social media. If you want me to cover any topic of your preference, please feel free to send them over to me at nabanitaguha@lifefulfil.com. I will be happy to know your feedback. Check out my website http://www.lifefulfil.com. Find me on social media to continue the conversation and for even more content: https://www.facebook.com/nabanita.guha.90 or https://www.linkedin.com/in/nabanita-guha-ab1036a

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