What Is Negative Self Talk And How Can We Change It?


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We all experience that inner voice which tells us that we aren't good enough, we aren't able to achieve our goals, and we are stupid.

I have experienced this first hand and was determined to make a difference.

My clients that I coach often come to me seeking solutions because they feel they aren't good enough etc.

We all experience this!

So, I wanted to make an episode which looks at easy to apply - 5 way to combat negative self talk - which I use on my clients to break the belief cycle of negative self talk.

This stuff works and if you feel like you're in a similar position, hope you like the episode. However, I do have a coaching consultancy - www.thslifecoaching.com

Contact me for life and business coaching, and will gladly help.

These techniques are certified coaching strategies as well as adopting my own method - 'The Power Of However'. If this is an area which is affecting you, take a listen and let me know your thoughts.

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How you enjoy, but also hope that it helps

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