EP 209: One Simple Change That Will Revolutionize Your Ministry


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Leaders lead. We all know that. But do we understand the difference between leading and managing? Most of us think they are the same. Your church needs management to be sure but needs a leader even more. Today's podcast shares a simple change in how you do ministry that will revolutionize how you see yourself and your calling. Join me!

During the podcast today, I mentioned the work of Dean Radtke at MinistryInstitute.org. I encourage you to interact with his materials.

Another resource I did not mention during the podcast is Seth Godin speaking about the differences between leadership and management. Though not ostensibly Christian, you will find his word pungent in separating one from the other.

I also mentioned a brief video you can watch about our work in Zimbabwe. We are partnering with Foundationsforfarming.org to train residents on how to utilize the water from their new wells. Watch the brief video here.

Connect with me about any of my books that might help you in ministry at caseysabella.com.

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