Is A Business Consultant Worth It? With The Leadership Doctors


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$550 Billion dollars. Would you believe that demotivated employees cost U.S. businesses that much in lost productivity? While it’s a big number to grasp, it’s certainly believable. According to Gallup research, over 70% of employees in America are affected by demotivation. The scary thing is – this number has been on the rise.

So, how exactly do you battle this crisis? Luckily – this week’s guests, Dr. Tara Peters and Dr. Cathy Bush, both business consultants and co-authors of "The Demotivated Employee." Cathy and Tara discuss the motivation crisis, and ideas of when to introduce a business consultant into a business.

During this interview, listeners will learn about:

  • The motivation crisis happening in the workplace.
  • When to reach out to a business consultant.
  • How to gauge if employees are engaged.


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