(Episode 226) "Captain Phillips" Actor: Chris Mulkey.


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Episode 226.
"Captain Phillips"
Actor: Chris Mulkey.
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Handsome, weathered, character player of film, TV and stage. Chris Mulkey began as an ensemble member of the Children's Theatre Company of Minnesota, where he stayed for five years. He made his feature debut in the offbeat comedy "Loose Ends" (1975). Other feature credits include Walter Hill's "The Long Riders" (1980) and "48 Hrs." (1982), "Patti Rocks" (1987), which gave Mulkey his first credit as a screenwriter, "The Hidden" (1987), "Gas Food Lodging" (1992) and "Broken Arrow" (1996). Mulkey is probably best remembered for his portrayal of sleazy ex-con Hank Jennings in the cult soap-opera "Twin Peaks" (ABC, 1990-91). His credits include Captain Phillips, Whiplash, Boardwalk Empire, Cloverfield, The Fan, First Blood and so many more.

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