(Episode 250) "Dangerous Toys" Lead Vocalist: Jason McMaster.


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Episode 250.
"Dangerous Toys"
Lead Vocalist: Jason McMaster.
Jason McMaster is a heavy metal vocalist from Austin, Texas. He gained fame singing for influential progressive metal band Watchtower from 1982-1987.

In late 1987, he joined the southern sleaze rock act Dangerous Toys, who achieved moderate success. Dangerous Toys, their self-titled debut in 1989, spawned the hits Scared and Teas'N Pleas'N , helping the record go gold and receiving airplay on rock radio and MTV. They would go on to release three more studio albums (giving them an additional gold record) and one live album. Although no longer writing new material, Dangerous Toys regroups for live performances several times a year.

In 1999, McMaster and Dangerous Toys guitarist Paul Lidel formed Broken Teeth, an Austin-based hard rock band (Lidel parted ways in 2006). Broken Teeth tours consistently and has released five albums, the most recent being the critically well-received Viva La Rock, Fantastico! in January 2010.

In 2011, Jason joined the thrash metal act Evil United, which also features members of Pitbull Daycare, SA Slayer, Riot, and Murderdolls.
Welcome, Jason McMaster.
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