Best of Monday Morning Radio: You Can “Manufacture” Influence and Authority


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After publishing her book, Carla Moore quit her job as an executive at HBO and launched her own successful business consultancy. Charlie Epstein wrote “Paychecks for Life” and soon earned the moniker, “The Betty Crocker of 401 (K) Advisors.” Shelly Henderson used her book to promote her and her husband’s Charlotte, North Carolina real estate firm. It worked.

What Carla, Charlie, and Shelly have in common is that they are three of the well over 1,300 authors who Adam Witty and his companies have helped leverage their influence and authority by publishing books.

Adam is the founder and CEO of Advantage Media Group, which now supports authors in business, finance, medicine, and other professions in more than 40 U.S. states and 13 countries. Host and award-winning journalist Dean Rotbart, who first interviewed Adam in February 2018, notes that unlike conventional publishers, Adam’s core product is not ink on paper, or even digital ink, but raw, impactful influence.

A Best of Monday Morning Radio encore.

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