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Piloting an F-16 fighter jet at speeds exceeding 1,500 miles-per-hour can surely steel the mind on what’s most important.

Before becoming a corporate leadership trainer, Rob Shallenberger spent 11 years as a fighter pilot in the United States Airforce, where he came to understand the enormous leverage of strategic, operational, and tactical focus.

Now Rob and his father, Steve, are helping executives at companies including Pepsi, Dell, Charles Schwab, and the Dallas Cowboys soar, taking their personal efficiency to new heights.

This week on a fresh podcast, Rob shares with host and award-winning journalist Dean Rotbart advice from his new book, “Do What Matters Most,” which he promises can boost anyone’s productivity by at least 30 to 50 percent.

Off we go.

Photo: Rob Shallenberger, Becoming Your Best Global Leadership Posted: May 31, 2021Monday Morning Run Time: 48:11

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