Maureen Ennor Was Recently Interviewed by Wall Street Journal Regarding The Collapse Of Bear Stearns


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The Wall Street Journal recently interviewed Maureen Ennor regarding the one year anniversary of the collapse of Bear Stearns. Ennor will take a look back at the extraordinary week that has left many Wall Street veterans wondering how and why? Maureen spent time interviewing William D. Cohan a former investment banker and New York Times best selling author of “House of Cards, a brutally honest account of the last 10 days of Bear Stearns. Casey Ryan CEO/Founder of The Channel Checkers will join Maureen to discuss earnings, the benefits of Channel Checking and will introduce a new product for Hedge Funds. Discussion topics will include; ethics, morality, and conduct of CEO’s playing hard and fast with shareholders money and being paid millions with no accountability. Ennor will talk with a father whose daughter is serving in Iraq, also talks with an undercover police officer in a gang unit, fighting the war on gangs in a Central Valley town in California. Please join Maureen at 9:00 AM PST. Guest call in line 347-324-5073

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