Tobin Smith: FOX Business News Host of Bulls and Bears


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Maureen Ennor host of "Single Mom, 2 Kids, Wall Street" welcomes Tobin Smith star of FOX News and host of "Bulls & Bears" Tobin will be live with Maureen on Monday morning at 9:00 (AM) PST Tobin Smith is a contributing market analyst for FOX News Channel and is a regular panelist on "Bulls & Bears," FNC's highly-rated weekly investment program. Smith, author of New York Times best-seller "ChangeWave Investing," is founder and chief investment strategist for ChangeWave Research (CWR). A division of Phillips Investment Resources -- the world's largest consumer investment advisory publisher -- ChangeWave Research's core value is in bringing private investors real-time investment advice not available from Wall Street research or financial media. Smith is editor of ChangeWave Investing and ChangeWave Pro-Trader, Online investment and swing-trading advisory services. was chosen by Online Publishers Association as one of the top 25 Web destinations for paid revenue content for 2001.

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