William D. Cohan "House of Cards" The Demise of Bear Stearns


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William D. Cohan New York Times best-selling author and Wall Street expert will be a guest on "Single Mom, 2 Kids, Wall Street. Mr. Cohan has written "House of Cards" a best selling novel depicting the demise of Bear Stearns. Finely detailing the greed that eventually brought down the 85 year old institution. His most recent book "Money and Power"How Goldman Sachs Came To Rule The World, a revelatory history of Goldman Sachs. William D. Cohan is a contributing editor for Bloomberg TV and is a contributor to Bloomberg View. He writes regularly for The New York Times, Vanity Fair, Fortune, ArtNews, and The Financial Times. His columns have also appeared in The Washington Post. Bill's series of articles on the controversy of the 'recently discovered' Degas plaster casts in ARTNews won the Silurians 2011 Excellence in Journalism Award

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