EP137: We Paid Off Our Mortgage in 5 Years


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Talaat McNeely from His and Her Money is on the show today to talk about how they paid off their mortgage in 5 years.

Talaat and his wife Tai started His and Her Money back in 2015 and have become known as America's Couple Money Experts. They have an incredible YouTube channel with 144k subscribers and one of their highest viewed video is where they walk into the bank and pay off their mortgage!

From starting with a negative net worth, lies about money inside the marriage, and a pile of debt — the two almost didn't make it.

During our conversation, Talaat explains the steps they took to rebuild the trust inside the marriage and money, how they paid off their $30k in debt, and then how they paid off their mortgage in 5 years...starting out on a single income teacher's salary!


All the show notes, links and anything we mentioned in the episode can be found over at https://www.moneypeach.com/session137


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