EP139: Mom and Dad, We Need to Talk About the Money with Cameron Huddleston


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We focus so much about helping our kids with the finances, but what about our parents?

Right now there are close to 50 million Americans who are age 65 and over. This means 1 out of every 7 Americans should at least start having the money talk sooner than later.

But how do you start a money conversation with your parents?

What should you say, and more importantly - what do you NOT say?

What things need to be in place before it's too late?

What are the real-life examples of the shattered families when the money-talk didn't happen?

Author, speaker, and personal finance journalist Cameron Huddleston is my guest on the show to take us through all of these answers and more.

Cameron has lived it. After her mother was diagnosed with early onset dementia, Cameron painstakingly made her way through the financial journey with her own parents. During this time, she learned a lot of what to do and what not to do.

After going through this personal experience, Cameron made her mission to help other adult children navigate the waters of having the money-talk with Mom and Dad.

You can grab a copy of Cameron's book: Mom and Dad, We Need to Talk here.


All the show notes, links and anything Cameron and I talked about can be found at https://www.moneypeach.com/session139

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