A Parent’s Perspective on NICU and Preemie Care


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1 in 10 infants in the United States will spend time in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) each year. NICU admissions and NICU staff save countless lives a year but the experiences can be traumatic, emotional, exhausting, and yes, even inspiring and hopeful. Join us as we welcome NICU veteran mom Patrice Guzman as she shares her honest and brave story and that of her miracle daughter Vivianne. Patrice shares what she has learned, tips for other NICU parents, and what she wishes NICU professionals and pediatric therapists understood from a parents’ unique perspective. Most importantly, Patrice shares the tools she has found helpful for self care so that she can ensure well being and health for herself and her daughter. We hope this conversation will be supportive, healing, and hopeful for anyone anticipating or experiencing a NICU stay or for those who have spent time or work with NICU babies.

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