E098: Feeling Resentful Towards Your ADHD Brain? How to Accept Your ADHD and Work With It Instead of Against It: Q+A Session


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How can we start to accept who we are and how our brain works? You asked; I answered. Here's another question I get often from other folks with ADHD. Keep in mind, I've known about my ADHD for 20 years, so granted, I've got some experience to draw from. It's taken me a while, and yes, I still get frustrated with myself. I'm a human, not robot. My ADHD is part of me. It affects every part of my life, but it's not WHO I am. My ADHD is not all of me, not everything I am. You, too, can take steps towards accepting your differences and obstacles, and working towards being a little more okay with who you are. Here's some quick thoughts on this hefty question. Click here for the Show notes and transcription. Sign up for class now: Learn how to manage your daily life with productivity skills tailored for ADHD moms.

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