518: The Lazy Sorting Hat, Pre-DH Final Battle Theories, Hypocrite Draco, and More MuggleMail


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  • It's a MuggleMail episode!
  • But first: Micah & Eric visit the newly-opened Harry Potter New York flagship store and share some pro tips for fans looking to visit in the near future!
  • What are some of the top items? And more importantly, how is the butterbeer?
  • To celebrate Pride Month in the Wizarding World, listeners send in their favorite LGBTQ+ couples
  • Voicemails cover Draco's "real" dad, the Battle of Hogwarts, Sprout & Snape's relationship and more!
  • Do the they teach sex education at Hogwarts?
  • One listener gives us an epic ending for Trelawney in the Battle of Hogwarts!
  • What are some details left out of the Potter movies that should be in the TV show?
  • How are wizards educated in early academics?
  • Why does Draco criticize students for staying at Hogwarts during the holidays when HE DOES IT HIMSELF?
  • We reminisce about where we all though the final battle of the series would take place and the significance of The Veil!
  • In Chamber of Secrets, did Harry have an immediate connection to the Diary Horcrux that we all overlooked?
  • Selfish Harry! Did Ginny have any say in the naming of her children?
  • Draco would NEVER wear Muggle clothes (sorry movies)!
  • Was it a matter of convenience that most wizarding families were sorted into the same House (ex: Weasleys)?
  • One listener shares a really profound email on fan fiction
  • Quizzitch: June 21st is the 18th Anniversary of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, the longest Potter book ever written. How many chapters are contained in Book 5? Visit MuggleCast.com/Quizzitch to submit your answer!
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