Advertising fail in the WNBA, trans woman Olympic lifting, & Landmine workout diversity


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This week Mara and Elysia jump back into the topic of transgender competition in regards to the latest weightlifting domination by trans woman Laurel Hubbard. This led into a spirited debate about the marketing behind female sports in a male-dominated world of watchers using the WNBA as a template. Where is the line when it comes to fair competition for everyone in the gender spectrum? When does the body you’re born with hold you back by giving you an enormous upper hand? How can female sports be advertised seriously to reach a wider, more enthusiastic audience? How can we stop comparing male and female sports and appreciate the fierce intensity of both? Is the system working against us? Can we even accomplish equality in the structure of society we currently have? ON A LIGHTER NOTE— about going heavier— the girls talk everything you can do with a Landmine or just a barbell and a couple dumbbells for the full body control and strength— aaaaand GAINS, PEOPLE! Hypertrophy & pump— the Landmine has it all and we’ll show ya how it’s done on Instagram and Facebook @muscle.spasms 💪🏻

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